Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for,
the evidence of things not seen.   Heb 11:1


 Hollywood Faith Christian Center


 Word of the Lord for 2015  
   Given to Pastor John Woodin
    Delivered New Year's Eve 2014

   Change will be the thing that marks the year.  The more resistant you are; will wear you down, not Me says the Lord.   

   Some changes will bring upheaval while others will be welcomed.

  This will be the year for "mile stones" -- Marked events and marked moves in the Spirit.  These will be events in which you will want to note the dates and times.

   Seasons all shifting.  Though we are in winter, there will be an abundance of spring arrivals, plantings, and fruitings.

   Year of healing.  Those that have endured for many years...released.  Doctors and nurses will shake their heads in amazement.  Supernatural interventions; even in the affairs of government.  Slow down to notice what I am doing.

   The church will bloom.  The bud that has formed will burst forth.  More are coming of like mind.  Adjust your sights.  See that the harvest is white.  I will bring new encounters to expand the ministry.  Meeting more people, watch for a major shift at mid year.  April showers bring, not May, but June flowers.  That which I told you years back will take place  Abundance of rain from this place which is the size of a man's hand.  It is not the season to retreat, or to abide in the cave.  Only the fearful will abide in the cave.  Do not fear.  It will not mean things will always look rosy.  But fear not, for I have the situation well in hand.   
   Movement - Moving - Mover 

  Decisions will be made for you -- follow My lead -- listen to My voice.  

   New paths are opening...for you have not walked this way before.  I am the map and the GPS.  If you are not tuned in, you willl miss the new ways.  Travel light -- Listen much...sound words will be given.  Not everyone who says they speak for Me; Do.  Discernment will be required.  My word does not  grow dim or dull; it will bear out that which is spoken on My behalf.

   Pastors will rise up and some will move on.  Their time is done.  Others will take their place, for I will cause them to arise.  A new anointing will be in the air.  Only those with their heads up will perceive it.  It is time for simple speech that means what it says, and then says what it means.  If they speak double, they are of two minds.  Some churches will join forces to cover more ground.  Not everything that looks good is good.  Listen to My voice.  Children will speak with new tongues.  I will use them to reach a lost generation.  Do not despise small beginnings.  Youth Do! Disciples are not trained -- train, and do not look back, who is learning.  The ones that I have touched will learn.  Do not look with your eyes...I look at the hearts.    

   Expand your influence.  They think you are larger than you are...speak as if you are what they think.  When Israel thought they were grasshoppers, they were.  I will give you the words to speak.  Do not feel that they will not be listening; those that need to hear will be listening.

   Finances -- Do I not own the cattle on 1,000 hills?  Am I not able to fund you?  Trust Me as your source.  "I Am the true Bread."  I can use anyone I choose.  Look for new ways to do the things that I have laid down before the foundation of the earth.

   3 month to a shift -- 6 months to a move -- 9 months to a birth -- 12 months to a new thing.

   Don't say, "I am not ready." -- "Get ready."  I am moving quickly.  I am at the not delay over the things that appear to be not ready.  I will make them ready.

If I speak it, will I not do it?  Am I not faithful and true?  "Trust Me with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding"  (Proverbs 3:5)

    Faith will arise, even when those around you will not see what I have provided for you to see.  Some will rise and some will fall.  Giftings this year will be made manifest.  That which you thought long dead will revive -- refresh.  Times of refreshing, (Acts 3:19), come from the presence of the Lord.

   Fear not the veil...come behind.  "I have not time", you say.  But I say, "Make time."

   Israel seeking answers, but does not consult Me.  Times of great shaking.  New alliances.  Forging new paths.  The King of Jordan in peril, and in the Valley of Decision...My hand is upon him.  New leaders will emerge.  Old ones will fade away.  It is a new season.  Those which you thought solid will shake...those that seem shaky will solidify.  The EU (European Union) trying to serve two masters.  Trying to win all...will lose all.  China arises and that great mass will shake as My Spiri is settling upon the people.  The government will be challenged.  More airline catastrophes'...some abroad, some here.  Look into the shadows for those that are in darkness; they live in the shadows and plot in the shadows.  Washington worse.  New leaders will emerge as I am not yet done with America.  Revival - Revival - Revival

   My church needs to be refreshed.  New doctrines will dry up as they are not attached to the vine.

   Who will go for us?  "Here I am, send me".  When I say go -- go you must.

   This year reconciliations from the hardest of hearts.  Reach out like never before.  I am bringing down houses and calling men and women to tremble  They need the answers that you have.  This is the year to press in.  Pray like the persistant widow and speak the talk of doves, for I will take the blinders off those who have been sightless for many, many years.  Don't fear rejection.  They will not be rejecting you, they will be rejecting Me!  This year, though, ears will open.             

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