He Loves Us! He Died For Us! He Lives For Us! He Waits For Us! 
-Pastor John Woodin

Hollywood Faith Christian Church began as a vision in our hearts. God had called us to start a work and after much prayer and in great fear of the Lord we began services in our home in December, 2002. Two months later we had grown too large for our humble home and we moved to a small building on the corner of 441 and Johnson Street in Hollywood, FL. Four years later, having once again outgrown our space, we moved to a larger building on Hollywood Boulevard which we currently occupy.       We have watched the Lord move mightily in our midst these past 20 years. Because our first church building was located in an area where the down-and-out live, we immediately found ourselves ministering to men and women who were homeless, victims of addictions, and generally beaten down by life. People who have been robbed of their dignity and self-value with nothing about their existence to give them hope for a future.       As we loved them and accepted them for the children of God that they are, they began to respond in amazing ways. The Lord has blessed us in allowing us to witness the Work of His Hands in their lives. Several of these precious men and women have entered Christ-centered, life-changing programs. They now have hope for a brighter future and have come to know about the Jesus who desperately loves them and wants to restore them to wholeness and prosperity.      All this is a tribute to the people who make up our church family, without which none of this could be accomplished. To a person, they have welcomed their less-than-fortunate brothers and sisters with outstretched arms. They pray with them, cry with them, hug them and love them into the family of God. As pastors, this exhibition of Christ’s Love for our neighbors humbles us and elates us all at the same time. We see God’s Word in action!      We are a church that loves the Lord and believes that His Word is alive and true. We believe that our greatest call and purpose in life is to Praise and Worship Him and to reach all those we can, to further His Kingdom here on earth. We are dedicated to the work of the Salvation of the Lost. We are committed to live our lives in service to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.       Our desire as shepherds is to equip the saints and raise them up to be workers in the end-time harvest. Young and old, male and female, Jew and gentile, each and every one, is called to serve in this work. We take seriously the mission He has called us to. We strive to give Him honor and Glory in all that we do and to wisely steward all that He has entrusted in our care.       We are on an awesome journey; one that promises to bring joy, excitement, amazing feats, tremendous growth and purpose of being. There is no other way of life that can promise all those things. Sometimes the road is bumpy and sometimes it is unfamiliar but always it leads us closer and closer to the goal. It gets more narrow with each step but we become more focused on Him as a result. As we walk deeper and deeper into the unknown we somehow gain more and more knowledge of who He is. We find ourselves walking in places we have never walked before, charting virgin ground, growing in wisdom and understanding.       Yet, so to, we become more aware of our unworthiness and sad state of being. We realize that our hearts are evil and our minds are willful and stubborn; while knowing at the same time that we possess the awesome, wondrous assurance of His unconditional Love and acceptance of us. He Loves Us!! He died for us!! He lives for us!! He waits for us!! May the Lord give us the grace to run the race and not grow weary. May we set our face like flint towards the goal, with joy, with eagerness, and with anticipation of the prize promised. May all who enter our doors come to know the living, One True God. To this purpose we invite you to COME GROW IN FAITH!