The Vision

Several years ago the Lord showed me a vision of a Lighthouse that was mounted on the top of a church. The light from that lighthouse shone in all directions and everyone came to the lighthouse from all around. They stood in line for all kinds of help… food assistance, help to pay bills, counseling, whatever. Some folks stood in line with the notion that the church was foolish for giving away things, and that they were going to take advantage of us. By the time they went into the building and came out they were all transformed by the hand of the Lord.During 2004 the Lord again showed another vision, this time an open vision while driving west on Taft Street here in Hollywood. There before me was a large building, not a typical church although clearly one side of the facility was a large church building and the rest was being used for other purposes. The way the building was landscaped and set up, the building was clearly in Florida. The Lord spoke to me “Dream Center”. Well I know that the Dream Center is in Los Angeles, California, so I reminded the Lord of that fact. And again He said “Dream Center”. But I knew right away that the Lord meant that the work we would do would be of similar nature to the Dream Center in California. We would be transforming broken lives through outreach, feeding ministries, job training, drug and alcohol rehab, homeless shelter, GED and education programs, all through the  saving knowledge of Jesus.

1 We will minister in the Holy Spirit

2 We will love Israel

3 We will minister to the lost, the broken, and the poor

4 We will encourage all that will come to be transformed through faith in Christ

5 We will call to all,…      

“Come Grow In Faith”